ANCI Abruzzo – Italy


ANCI Abruzzo is the regional representative of the National Association of Italian Municipalities. It gathers 305 municipalities and is daily involved in migration and integration policies and use to promote projects, studies and research on issues that affect all the municipalities anticipating trends and changes in public sector.

ANCI  focuses, assesses and addresses the priorities of Italian Municipalities in the fields of migration policy and protection of refugees and unaccompanied foreign minors. In particular, by means of its Migration Commission, ANCI encourages the definition of a common position of Municipalities and promotes networks and opportunities for collaborating and implementing innovative practices on crucial issues such as reception, integration, participation and citizenship. According to such organizational model, ANCI leads the System of Protection for Asylum Seekers and Refugees – SPRAR, and the National Programme for the protection of unaccompanied minors