Kickoff meeting – Pescara – Italy

May 8

Kickoff meeting – Pescara – Italy


Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th of May 2017

Pescara, Italy

Venue: Regional Council Chamber “Corradino D’Ascanio”, Piazza Unione, Pescara (ITALY)


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10 May 2017

KICK – OFF WORKSHOP – “Immigration situation in partner countries


– Welcome by the Regional Councilor of Social Affairs, Mrs Marinella Sclocco

– Welcome by the Councilor of Social Affairs – Pescara Municipality, Mrs Antonella Allegrino

– Introduction by the President of ANCI Abruzzo, Mr. Luciano Lapenna

– Objectives and Tasks of the Project by the Director of ANCI Abruzzo, Mr. Massimo Luciani

– Partners presentations about immigration in partner countries, national legislation on migration, figures about migratione and refugees VS stigmatisation processes.

– Plenary discussion

– Media conference

Partners meeting

-project outlines and objectives;

partnership agreement;

-roles and specific commitment for each partner;

– management structure and financial aspects;

– Planning next steps.


11 May 2017

Overview – Carry over questions from 1st day and reflections

Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (Project Logo, Project Website, Roles, tasks and deadlines)


Study visit of a SPRAR CENTRE in Pescara and CARITAS centre in Pescara

Meeting with refugees and asylum seekers living in the receiving centres and interaction with social operators working with migrants.


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