Transnational Meeting (2nd) – Wattrelos – France

Jul 20

Transnational Meeting (2nd) – Wattrelos – France

2nd Transnational Meeting

Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of July 2017



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12 July 2017


-Welcome by the hosting partner Dominique BAERT, Mayor of Wattrelos, and organisational information by Mr Stephane Thierry – Municipality of Wattrelos.

– Partners presentations about “National citizenship in partner countries” (legal issues, social rights). Presentations from

Belgium – Mr Blerian Bagllamaja

Croatia – Mr. Ivan Jedvaj

France – Acti Jean Association and Mr Stephane Thierry

Video projection created by ActiJean association.

Italy – Mrs Dasantila Hoxha

Mr Vittorio Lannutti

Sweden – Mrs Ellen Larsson

Albania – Mrs Belina Bedini

Mrs Floreta Kertusha

Greece – Mr Nikolaos Katanas

-Seminar about European Citizenship – Coordinated by Mr Wolfgang Joussen (EIIE Association).

Working groups and Plenary Discussion. Specific focus: how to deal with “a European citizenship” starting from national differences (legislative, conceptual, etc). Ideas, proposals, suggestions for a bottom up process.


13 July 2017

-“The story and the consequences of Grande-Synthe refugee’s camp”

Meeting with Mr Olivier Caremelle, Director of Cabinet in Mairie de Grande-Synthe.

-Overview – Carry over questions from 1st day and reflections

-Planning – schedule for next steps, future meeting dates etc.

-Drop box and internal communication

-Dissemination and Exploitation Plan –Project Website – Roles, tasks and deadlines


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