Municipality of Katerini – Greece

The Municipality of Katerini is the largest municipality of the Pieria Regional Unit (Region of Central Macedonia), consists of a population of 85.851 and is a popular touristic destination, due to its proximity to the sea, to Mount Olympus and to important archeological sites (the ancient city of Dion, the Castle of Platamon etc.).

The town of Katerini is the administrative and economic center of Pieria.

The Municipality of Katerini has coped with refugees and immigration crisis three times during its history:

  • 1922-1928: Refugees from the former Ottoman Empire. Most of them had Greek Origin and were Orthodox Christians.
  • 90’s Decade: Immigrants from Albania, former Yugoslavia and expatriate Greeks from the former USSR.
  • 2014-present day: Syrian and more middle-eastern refugees.

The Municipality follows the operational breakdown structure under the relevant legislative framework, and has special units/municipal enterprises that support poverty, social inclusion and immigrants. These are the Department of Social welfare, Education and Equality, the Organization of Education, Culture, Sports and Social Provision and the Municipal Enterprise of Public Benefit.

The Municipality of Katerini has implemented several projects related to social support, social infrastructures, environment, rural development, culture and school buildings financed by the NSRF (Greek Operational Programmes) and the other similar Greek and European funding Programmes.

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