University “Aleksander Moisiu” – Durres (Albania)

Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës (UAMD) is a public higher education institution, located in Durrës. It has been established by the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania on 20.12.2005.

In these ten years of operation the UAMD has developed and improved. Today it has six main units (faculties) which offer different program studies in different disciplines and levels (bachelor, master and Ph.D). The faculties are as follows:

1- Faculty of Business;

2 – Faculty of Political Science and Law;

3- Faculty of Education;

4- Faculty of Information and Technology;

5- Faculty of Professional Studies;

6 – Faculty of Integrated Studies with Practice.


During these ten years UAMD has established a good spirit of cooperation with local stakeholders, being a catalyst for the economic and social development of Durres. On the other hand, the university has established mutual relations with European universities and institutions getting the best academic experiences. So far, UAMD has been a partner in several modernization projects funded by EU, in many Erasmus Plus exchange projects, national and international scientific research projects. These projects and collaborations have brought a spirit of internationalization that will facilitate the institution to be even more integrated to the European higher education space.