Coompanion Östergotland ekonomisk forening

Coompanion Östergötland ekonomisk förening is a Cooperative Development Agency in Östergötland . Members of Coompanion Östergötland represents a mixture of municipalities in Östergötland, the established cooperative movement and new cooperatives and NGO:s. Coompanion’s corporate advisors are experts in cooperative entrepreneurship and the aim is to provide people who want to realise ideas together and start up new co-ops with information, advice and training, based on their individual requirements – from idea to successful company. Coompanion works for empowerment, democracy and the equality of all people. We are part of a large network of different actors within the social economy, public sector, private sector and universities. In Östergötland, we are working in a network with several of NGO’s, refugees and immigrants. The network is part of a method for integration. We are also owner of and involved in several project about how to go from unemployment to employment, that include goals of integration.